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Application of Business Process Management: In Web-Based Education

Fidelis Perkonigg. Application of Business Process Management: In Web-Based Education Authors:Fidelis Perkonigg.
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Book Summary:
In many cases e-learning may be the only way forward. The future demand for business education is such that it is unlikely that traditional or campus-based education will be able to cope. [...]" (Helen Lange at U21 Global for the Financial Times). Motivated by this comment this work deals with Business Process Management (BPM) and its possible applications in the field of Web-based Education and learning processes. It is divided into three parts. The first part discusses the current state of BPM in detail. It introduces concepts technologies and tools to facilitate the BPM by supporting the whole business process life cycle. For each phase of the process life cycle emerging standards are presented which help manage quick changing business processes. The second part argues that learning processes are similar to business processes and therefore can be treated like them. In addition we evaluate a Learning Process Management System to show the usefulness of this idea and also identify...

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