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Scaling the Ivory Tower : Stories from Women in Business School Faculties

Dianne Cyr, Blaize Horner Reich. Scaling the Ivory Tower : Stories from Women in Business School Faculties Authors:Dianne Cyr, Blaize Horner Reich.
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Book Summary:
This book presents the detailed life stories of nine women academics in business faculties throughout North America. Three are in their early careers, three are facing tenure, and three are recognized leaders in their field. Each of the authors presents her story as a set of choices and reveals the alternatives and the decision making process. Many choices are a trade-off between different roles; teacher versus researcher, wife/mother versus professional, researcher versus administrator. Insights are developed and shared with the reader. The women academics in this book represent a wide variety of disciplines, ages, ethnicity, and family makeup. Their paths and insights are different, but their choices are similar, and recurring themes emerge. These are explored by the editors as they tie the stories together and interpret the individual tales. Through reading this book, graduate students and professors alike can get a glimpse into other's struggles and triumphs. They should emerge...

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