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School Administrator's Complete Letter Book, Second Edition (Book & CD-ROM)

Gerald Tomlinson, Gerald Tomlinson. School Administrator's Complete Letter Book, Second Edition (Book & CD-ROM) Authors:Gerald Tomlinson, Gerald Tomlinson.
Price:4948 rub.

Book Summary:
The School Administrator's Complete Letter Book with CD-ROM , Second Edition offers a comprehensive selection of model letters and memos for a wide variety of educational purposes and situations. This book and its accompanying CD contain a gold mine of tested, usable letters and other communiques, some of which can be used practically word-for-word from the book, while others can be adapted to your specific needs. The book's letters and memos represent the contributions of more than 60 outstanding school administrators throughout the United States— including superintendents, principals, supervisors, guidance counselors, and others— all of them with well-earned reputations for solid, professional communication. Many types of letters are included— letters addressed to parents, teachers, students, teacher applicants, other school administrators, businesspeople, and the community at large. In addition, this handy resource is clearly organized,...

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